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Membership Signup (BEP)

Business Enhanced Plan 

This plan is designed for our "entity" clients or business only clients where we do not also represent the shareholders/owners of the business. Our Business Plans are designed to give the business direct year-round access to our professional business tax advisors, consultants and payroll specialist if needed. They also spread out the business traditionally high annual service cost into smaller, more affordable monthly payments.

This Plan includes:
  • Tax and Accounting Plan (services billed out at standard rates but subject to the Service Discount below)
  • Direct Access to our Advisors via Email, Texting or Video Conferencing through Google+ Hangouts or Skype
  • Access to our Remote Online Technical Support for General Computing, QuickBooks, Accounting and related systems support
  • Plan includes QuickBooks Online Accountant Support from our QB ProAdvisors
Service Discount Level: 10%
  • As a member of this plan, the business will receive a 10% discount on all services performed for the tax year covered by the membership so long as the membership plan remains active at the time the service is invoiced.
Annual Tax Preparation Credit: $300 
  • As a member of this plan, the business member will receive a $300 credit towards the businesses federal income tax filings prepared for the tax year covered by the membership.  If the membership is no longer active at the time of invoice, or if the membership was only active for a part of the tax year, then the credit will be prorated based on the number of months the membership plan was active in the corresponding tax year. This credit does not expire if not used in the following year when the filings would be due.  Unused credits will be applied to the invoice for the preparation services of the covered tax year when the services are actually performed for the client.  This credit is non-refundable and carries no cash value.
Monthly Plan Cost: $39.95