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Quickbooks Online

We began adopting the Quickbooks Online product several years ago.  When it first came out it was rather awkward for those transitioning from the Quickbooks desktop version. Over the years the Intuit development teams has really worked hard to get as many of the same features into a functional online version.  The refined product today is very stable and feature rich.  Of course it is not the same as the full featured desktop version but it can easily meet the need of most small businesses. 

If you are interested in using Quickbooks Online we can set you up under our account to extend our discount.  We will turn the account over to you once you set up the billing information for the company.  We will remain as the "accountant" user and "master admin" will be transferred to your user.  This way you are always in control of your file.  Clients that are existing Quickbooks Online users all you need to do is add us under the accountants section under the companies user management page.