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Advisors Group USA

Advisors Group | USA, Tax Advisors and Consultants

Primary Offerings:
Tax Planning
Tax Preparation
Employment Tax
Income Tax
Sales Tax
State/Local Tax

Tax Representation
Tax Liens
Back Taxes
Offers in Compromise

About this Division:
One of our core services offerings is tax preparation and planning.  For over 15 years now our advisors have been assisting individuals and small businesses in the North Houston Texas area.  Over the years our clients have moved, transferred jobs and referred others to us out side of this area. In addition, Ryan Hasselmeier, our founder, had a son whose medical needs quickly surpassed that of most other children.  During his son's nearly two year long battle for life, Mr. Hasselmeier worked remotely and his loyal clients adapted. 

In the years since we have have maintained the remoteness of our service but our clients sense of our accessibility has far exceed that of the days of our traditional offices.  Being readily available and very responsive via email, text and by phone, our clients satisfaction has remained high. This has allowed us a drastic reduction in cost and allowed for us to maintain affordability in rates while we expand our services nationally.  We understand that most still prefer "brick and mortar" locations but we also see the rapidly changing acceptance to online meetings and transactions. 

We are prepared to exceed your expectations....