Online Payment Processing Options

We proudly accept PayPal payments and offer eCheck and credit card payment options as well through the PayPal Payment Solutions gateway.  Please select the appropriate option based on your service selection with our firm.  Please feel free to call or email at anytime if you experience any issues with this service.  Payments other than cash or check are merely a courtesy for our clients.
If you need to submit a payment for an amount greater than $1595 then please choose from one of the following three option:
  1. Most invoices sent by us as of January 2012 are through the Quickbooks Online Invoicing System.  The invoice is sent to the email we have on file for you or your company.  If you click on the payment link in that email it will allow you submit a payment for the amount desired.
  2. Email us at to advise us that you would like to submit an online payment, or use your PayPal account, and we can send you the link to pay online.
  3. You can also sent a payment directly to "" using your PayPal account.
  4. Using the the payment options to the left you can make multiple payments that add up to your desired payment amount.  (Example: To pay $2100, you could submit a $1000 payment and an $1100 payment to total up to $2100)
Please know these options are here merely as a courtesy to you our client.  We appreciate your business.