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General Rates for Tax Preparation and Related Services
Often the rates charged by accountants, "retail chain" tax services, and many other preparer's are elusive and unpredictable leaving most with what is called "stick shock". With over fifteen years in the business we are trying to break that negative view of our industry.  We are posting below our rates for our clients, and our prospective customers, to use to: 1) know what to expect, 2) compare us to others and 3) to be as transparent about our billing as we possibly can.  The cost to prepare a tax return is a function of forms required, complexity of those forms, organization of supporting work, and ease of which the preparer can interview a client to evaluate their situation, overall compliance and obtain missing information from the clients support.  
(For a more comprehensive listing of our standardized rates for all services please visit - Standardized Rates)

 Form Desription  Base Rate
 Form 1040EZ (Basic)    $ 35
 Form 1040A (Simple)    $ 75
 Form 1040 (Base Rate)    $ 95
 Form 1041 (Estate)    $ 165
 Form 1040X (Amended)    $ 150
 Form 656 (OIC)    $ 795


 Form Desription  Base Rate
 Corporations (1120)    $ 395
 S-Corporations (1120S)    $ 395
 Partnerships (1065)   $ 495 


 Form Desription  Base Rate
 Charitable Groups (990)    $ 195
 Other Groups (990)    $ 295
 Exemption App (1023)   $ 500